Archives of the Old Wonk

This post is an archive of my posts published on The Broad Mind & Filter Coffee, under the Indian National Interest (INI) network of the Takshashila Institution. Also archived here is a policy advisory that I had worked on with Rohan Joshi for submission to the Law Commission of India.

Do we care about privacy?

The Filter Coffee, October 2013

In this post I argue for an urgent debate between the government and citizens on privacy rights and limitations in India, given the recently implemented Centralized Monitoring System. The post also looks at Sections 69 & 69B of the Information Technology Act 2008 in light of increasing cases of “lawful” interception coming out in public domain. (Read Post)

Privacy laws and legal interception in India

The Filter Coffee, May 2014

In this post I have tried to bring together the various legal provisions (and amendments) to the IT Act that make an effort to address the concerns of user data privacy in India. It also argues for inclusion of “Right to Privacy” as a part of Chapter III of the Indian Constitution. (Read Post)

Policy Advisory – Bringing IT Act 2000 in Alignment with the Constitution

The Takshashila Institute, July 2014

This document is the authors’ formal submission to the Law Commission of India. The commission floated a Consultation Paper on Media Law in May 2014 to elicit views from stakeholders and the general public. (Executive Summary)

Store in India

The Broad Mind, November 2014

In this post I have tried to highlight the incoherent approach adopted by the Indian policy makers towards understanding the changing dynamics of a “data ecosystem” in a world that is fast embracing the “Internet of Things”. I have also proposed a four layered model to demonstrate the possible approach that can be adopted while working on a holistic policy for the rapidly evolving data ecosystem in India in this post. (Read Post)

Store in India! Part II

The Broad Mind, December 2014

This post concludes the argument presented towards changing the narrative of “India based Servers” to creating a more enabling and engaging environment so that disruptive innovations like OTT apps can thrive in India. (Read Post)


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